A steam generator of PWR plant has moisture separators with function to separate water from two-phase flow of water and steam. Recently, corresponding to the request for power uprating of current and/or future plants with large thermal capacity, development of high performance moisture separator, which can deal with the increasing steam flow rate, has been required. Therefore, MHI has developed the moisture separator with high performance (J Model) by conducting a verification test under actual plant operating conditions (high pressure and high temperature). The developed separator’s main features are: swirl vane hub with a small diameter, horizontal slits at riser barrel, and slots with lips at the downcomer barrel. Based on the combination of the high pressure test results and thermal hydraulic analyses, value of moisture carry over (MCO) at SG outlet was evaluated. The evaluation resulted in the MCO value of less than 0.01% (our target value: 0.1%).

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