This study has been carried out to assess the decay heat removal capability of the passive safety systems adopted in a conceptual design of the 600 MW(e), sodium cooled, metallic fuel loaded KALIMER. The applicability of the PVCS, which used to be the only passive safety system for KALIMER-150, is limited to a reactor capacity of 1,000 MW(t) or less. Another passive loop, PDRC, is conceptualized in order to overcome the limit as the KALIMER capacity scales up from the current 150 MW(e) to 600 MW(e). The safety analysis computer code, SSC-K, currently used for KALIMER is not capable of simulating such passive systems. With this concern, the PVCS and PDRC models are developed and they are coupled with the SSC-K for a long-term cooling assessment. The present paper thus presents the analysis results of the ULOHS using these models along with their brief introductions. The primary concern of the analyses is focused on the inherent safety as well as the system’s integrity for 72 hours without any operator action during the event.

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