For APR-1400 in Korea, based upon a large enhancement of safety, the reduction of EPZ radius and the concept of eventual elimination of EPZ have been being seriously considered. Technical justification for the reduction of EPZ had been considered in the previous study. The reduction of an EPZ, however, must not only be justified from a technical perspective, but include recognition of public policy and societal implications. So, in this study, a on-spot survey of the public acceptances on the workers and the nearby public was conducted. The survey was performed for June 25 to July 13 in 2001, in which the respondents were requested to answer the questions in the questionnaire that are related to those for radiological emergency exercise, emergency measures, regulatory status for EPZ, criteria for determining the distance of EPZ, ways to reduce the distance of EPZ for APR-1400, and method to collect the public opinions.

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