A new type of liquid-metal target is designed for the Spallation Neutron Source in PSI. LBE is selected to be the target material and the primary coolant as well. RELAP5/MOD 3.2 is used to analyze the system thermal hydraulics. The nominal conditions are chosen based on temperature constraints from the design assessments. The steady state results are in the proximity of the design specifications and the heat removal capacity is adequately deployed. The normal thermal hydraulic transients, namely the proton beam and beam interrupt, are studied. A basic PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) control is implemented in the RELAP5 for regulating the target temperature. It is found that the control chain works very well for the beam trip in limiting the temperature fluctuations. In a beam interrupt, the proton beam is completely turned off without recovering. The transition from full power to hot-standby is quite smooth, but it becomes oscillatory in the long run due to the timelags in the cooling loops’ responses. An off normal case of target main coolant trip has also been studied. Without the main pump, the target can still be operated in the natural circulation mode, and the control can cope with the normal beam transients and restarting the target from hot standby.

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