In order to study magnetohydrodynamic behavior in electromagnetic pumps, electromagnetic flow meters, etc. for Liquid Metal Fast Reactors (LMFRs), a large eddy simulation method using an artificial wall boundary condition was developed. In this study, Spalding’s law of the wall and the eddy viscosity for uniform magnetic fields, which was proposed by Shimomura, was applied to Finite Element Method of Generalized Simplified Marker and Cell (GSMAC-FEM). We calculated MHD channel flow in various element sizes on the conditions of Hartmann numbers of 0, 52.5 and 125, whose Reynolds numbers based on the average velocity were all about 29,000. These results showed the average velocity profiles were in good agreement with both the experimental results by Brouillette-Lykoudis and the detail calculation results by Shimomura, although farther calculations were needed to verify the turbulence intensities.

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