Electric power is essential for all industrial plant. All who use electric power desire a perfect frequency, voltage stability, and reliability all the time. But this cannot be realized in practice because of the many causes of a power supply disturbance that are beyond the control of the utility. Since the first criticality of the HANARO research reactor, the major reasons for reactor trips were system malfunctions and inexperienced operators in the initial stage of its operation. As HANARO is stabilizing, the power supply outage becomes the major reason for a reactor trip. This paper describes the status of power supply outages. This paper deals with not only the outages which have an effect on HANARO operation but also the reasons for the HANARO class 4 power outages. The analysis on the characteristics and the trends of the outages can provide clues to how the outages can be minimized and what the impact of the outages are on the operation.

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