This paper presents the principles of the peak check measurements by gamma spectrometry. One details the main equations used for the analysis of the raw data as the calculation of the different sources of uncertainties and their propagation on the result. The method is illustrated with actual examples from the French-Japanese BASALA ABWR 100% MOX experimental program. • For each individual fission rate, the systematical uncertainty due to the radioactive decay data is smaller than the statistical uncertainty due to the counting process. • The main part of the final uncertainty on the scaling factor is brought by the systematical uncertainty on the average fission yields. This study enables to propose some recommendations for fission products and nuclear data evaluation used. • Only the analysis of the 140La peak at 1596 keV leads to acceptable uncertainties on the fission rate maps renormalization, with a good consistency with the integral γ-scanning results. • The JEF-2.2 evaluation on the fission yields and their associated uncertainties seems more realistic than the ENDF/B-6 and is recommended for the scaling factor analysis.

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