A composite module construction method is to be examined reflecting one of the elements of construction rationalization of a future nuclear plant planned by Hitachi. This concept is based on accomplishments and many successes achieved by Hitachi through application of the modular construction method to nuclear power plant construction over 20 years. The feature of the composite module typically includes a planned civil structure, such as a wall, a floor, and a post, representing modular components. In this way, an increased level of rationalization is expected in the conventional large-scale nuclear plants. Furthermore, the concept aiming at the modularization of all the building parts comprising medium- or small-scale reactors is also to be examined. Additional aims include improved reductions in the construction duration and rationalization through use of the composite module. On the other hand, present circumstances in nuclear plant construction are very pressing because of economic pressures. With this in mind, Hitachi is pursuing additional research into the introduction of drastic construction rationalization, such as the composite module. This concept is one of the keys to successful future plant construction, faced with such a severe situation.

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