Many problems, related with safety, frequently occur because Digital Instrument & Control Systems are widely used and expanding their ranges to many applications in Nuclear Power Plants. It, however, does not hold a general position to estimate an appropriate software quality. Thus, the Quality Characteristic Value, a software quality factor through each software life cycle, is suggested in this paper. The Quality Characteristic Value is obtained as following procedure: 1) Scoring Quality Characteristic Factors (especially correctness, traceability, completeness, and understandability) onto Software Verification and Validation results, 2) Deriving the diamond-shaped graphs by setting values of Factors at each axis and lining every points, and lastly 3) Measuring the area of the graph for Quality Characteristic Value. In this paper, this methodology is applied to Plant Control System. In addition, the series of quantification frameworks exhibit some good characteristics in the view of software quality factor. More than any thing else, it is believed that introduced framework may be applicable to regulatory guide, software approval procedures, due to its soundness and simple characteristics.

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