After neutron capture, bismuth-209 changes to polonium-210 that emits α-particles. Lead-Bismuth eutectic (LBE) in reactor system contaminates the system by polonium. We analyzed adsorbed materials from melted LBE on quartz glass plate. Lead, bismuth and their oxides were confirmed in adsorbed materials. And, we evaluated the baking method in vacuum for removal of polonium and adsorbed materials on quartz glass plate. It was evaluated that it is possible to remove almost all of polonium from the quartz glass plate by baking at temperature more than 300 °C. Unfolding method was applied to calculate polonium distribution in LBE ingot. From measured α-particle pulse height distribution, the polonium distribution in depth of LBE ingot was calculated using quadratic programming code, where response functions are calculated by Monte Carlo method.

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