Accident management procedures associated with nuclear power plant beyond design basis accidents should be developed with the aid of the more recent versions of advanced computational tools (best estimate codes) in order to verify the effectiveness of normal operation systems of the plant to avoid or minimize core damage. A. Madeira showed in her paper “A PWR Recovery Option for a Total Loss of Feedwater Beyond Design Basis Scenario” that it is possible to safely control a total loss of feedwater scenario in the Angra2 nuclear power plant, using two emergency procedures, namely the opening of the steam generator (SG) relief valves, and on the primary side the complete manual opening of all pressurizer relief and safety valves. This paper investigates the effectiveness of the procedure opening of the SG relief valves, followed by primary side feed and bleed for a generic VVER-1000 NPP in case of a total loss of feed water. The results indicate that the procedure is successful in reducing the primary side pressure and temperature to safe conditions, i.e. long term core cooling is achievable.

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