Russia is supporting the INPRO Innovative Project, being fulfilled by the IAEA in the field of innovative nuclear energy. The participation of Russia in the INPRO is a part of realization process of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Initiative, presented at the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000, on creation of new generation nuclear energy, meeting the requirements of sustainable development and excluding using the nuclear weapons technologies and materials. In 2003 the draft INPRO Methodology for assessment of the innovative nuclear energy systems correspondence to the requirements of sustainable development has been developed. At present time the Methodology’s approbation on the examples of national nuclear power technologies is being completed. It is supposed that the Methodology will be used as a navigator for the world nuclear energy development process. The INPRO stresses the timeliness of nuclear energy development problems. The International Organization on nuclear fuel cycle is the key decision of non-proliferation problem. Important are the questions of interaction and particularities of the INPRO and Generation IV programs. State support and international cooperation are conditions for effective development of nuclear energy.

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