Recent development of the Secure Transportable Autonomous Reactor-Liquid Metal (STAR-LM) lead-cooled natural circulation fast reactor (LFR) has been directed at coupling to an advanced power conversion system that utilizes a gas turbine Brayton cycle with supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) as the working fluid. A key ingredient in achieving a coupled plant having a high efficiency are the modular lead-to-CO2 heat exchangers that must fit within the available volume inside the reactor vessel and must heat the S-CO2 to a high temperature. Thermal hydraulic performance and feasibility of seven different heat exchanger concepts has been investigated with respect to the achievement of a suitably high Brayton cycle efficiency for the coupled LFR-S-CO2 plant. The relative merits of the different heat exchanger configurations are revealed by the analysis which provides a basis to select the most promising concepts for further development.

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