The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) is a thermal neutron reactor with graphite moderation and operates on the thorium-uranium fuel cycle. The feature of the MSR is that fuel salt flows the inside of the reactor accompanying nuclear fission reaction. In the previous study, the authors had developed numerical model to simulate the effects of the fuel salt flow on the reactor characteristics. This paper applies the model to the steady state analysis of the small MSR system and estimates the effects of the fuel flow. The model consists of two group diffusion equations for fast and thermal neutron fluxes, balance equations for six-group delayed neutron precursors and energy conservation equations for fuel salt and graphite moderator. The following results are obtained: (1) the fuel salt flow affects the distributions of the delayed neutron precursors, especially long-lived one, and (2) the extension of residence time in the external loop system and the rise of fuel inflow temperature slightly show negative reactivity effects, decreasing neutron multiplication factor of the small MSR system.

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