The European Union’ TACIS programme was established for the New Independent States since 1991. One priority for TACIS funding is nuclear safety. The European Commission has made available a total of € 944 million for nuclear safety programmes covering the period 1991–2003. The TACIS nuclear safety programme is devoted to the improvement of the safety of Soviet designed nuclear installations in providing technology and safety culture transfer. The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission is carrying out works in the following areas: • On-Site Assistance for TACIS Nuclear Power Plants; • Design Safety and Dissemination of TACIS results; • Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement for VVER in Russia and Ukraine; • Regulatory Assistance; • Industrial Waste Management and Nuclear Safeguards. This paper gives an overview of the Scientific and Technical support that JRC is providing for the programming and the implementation of the TACIS nuclear safety programmes. In particular, two new projects are being implemented to get an extensive understanding of the VVER reactor pressure vessel embritttlement and integrity assessment.

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