In view of the practical importance of the drift-flux model for two-phase flow analysis in general and in the analysis of nuclear-reactor transients and accidents in particular, the distribution parameter and the drift velocity have been studied for bubbly-flow regime. The constitutive equation that specifies the distribution parameter in the bubbly flow has been derived by taking into account the effect of the bubble size on the phase distribution, since the bubble size would govern the distribution of the void fraction. A comparison of the newly developed model with various fully-developed bubbly-flow data over a wide range of flow parameters shows a satisfactory agreement. The constitutive equation for the drift velocity developed by Ishii has been reevaluated by the drift velocity obtained from local flow parameters such as void fraction, gas velocity and liquid velocity measured under steady fully-developed bubbly flow conditions. It has been confirmed that the newly developed model of the distribution parameter and the drift velocity correlation developed by Ishii can also be applicable to developing bubbly flows.

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