The local interfacial structure for vertical air-water co-current downward two-phase flow was investigated under adiabatic conditions. A multi-sensor conductivity probe was utilized in order to acquire the local two-phase flow parameters. The present experimental loop consisted of 25.4 mm and 50.8 mm ID round tubes as test sections. The measurement was performed at three axial locations: L/D = 13, 68 and 133 for the 25.4 mm ID loop and L/D = 7, 34, 67 for the 50.8 mm ID loop, in order to study the axial development of the flow. A total of 7 and 10 local measurement points along the tube radius were chosen for the 25.4 mm ID loop and the 50.8 mm ID loop, respectively. The experimental flow conditions were determined within bubbly flow regime. The acquired local parameters included the void fraction, interfacial area concentration, bubble interface frequency, bubble Sauter mean diameter, and interfacial velocity.

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