LSBWR (Long operating cycle Simplified BWR) is a modular, direct cycle, light water cooled, and small power (100–300MWe) reactor. The design considers requirements from foreign utilities as well as from Japanese. LSBWR is currently being developed by Toshiba Corporation and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Major characteristics of the LSBWR are: 1) Long operating cycle (target: over 15 years), 2) Simplified systems and building, 3) Factory fabrication in module. From the perspective of economic improvement of nuclear power plant, it is needed to shorten the plant construction period and to reduce building volume. In designing LSBWR building, a new building structure, where the hull structure of a ship is applied to floors and walls of LSBWR has been studied. Since the hull structure is manufactured at a shipyard, building module that includes plant equipment becomes possible. The application of the hull structure, which can make large modules at a shipyard, is an effective solution to the lack of laborer and economic improvement. LSBWR is a small size BWR, turbine is smaller size and lighter weight than medium or larger size plant. Then, it has been studied to install a reactor and a turbine in the same building for decreasing building volume. From the view point of standardization, whole building is supported by three dimensional seismic isolation mechanism.

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