It is possible to simplify the reactor internal pump power supply system in the ABWR without affecting the core flow supply when a trip of all RIPs event occurs by eliminating the motor-generator sets and increasing the rotating inertia of the RIPs. This inertia increase due to an additional flywheel, which leads to a gain in weight and length, requires a larger diameter nozzle with a thicker sleeve. However, a thicker sleeve nozzle and a longer and heavier motor casing may change the RIP performance. In the present study, the inertia-increased RIP was verified through full-scale tests. The rotating inertia time constant for coastdown characteristics (behavior of the RIP speed in the event of power loss) for the inertia-increased RIP was doubled compared with the current RIP. The inertia-increased RIP with the thicker sleeve nozzle maintained good performance and its power supply system without motor-generator sets was judged appropriate for the ABWR.

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