Electricite´ de France (EDF) is now operating 58 nuclear power units which produce 76% of the electri-city generated in France. This EDF’s industrial success is the result of its capacity to master and optimize its production tool, from design through operation. EDF’s integrated engineering is in the heart of this process of technical expertise and economic optimization. It allows to be in interface between the needs of operators and industrials suppliers, while accumulating a significant feedback of operating experience. The will of achieving the process of frenchifying PWR technology and to implement new industrial innovations have ended up in the new NPP of 100% french design, the N4 series and its significant innovations. EDF energy policy is to keep the nuclear option open for the future. This strategy results from the need to improve the availability and the life extension of the units in operation and to prepare the remplacement of the operating reactors around 2015. This is the objective of the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR), a French-German joint project. EDF is also applying this industrial process in its international projects. For example China, which desires to implement a standardized nuclear program and to move foward the complete autonomy of its nuclear industry, has decided to adopt a similar approach to EDF’s one.

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