In support of the analyses for the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) VVER-440/213 (Ukraine) Safety Analysis Report (SAR), detailed MELCOR and CONTAIN models of the containment were developed. The RNPP containment features a bubble condenser tower with air locks and active and passive spray systems. Code input models were developed to accurately represent the containment volumes, room interconnections, structural masses, and the engineering safety features. Although MELCOR 1.8.3 [1] was the primary tool for the SAR containment analysis, comparison calculations were performed using CONTAIN Version 1.12 [2]. Consequently, both the response of the VVER-440 containment to limiting design conditions as well as a comparison of the two codes is presented. In the context of SAR requirements, the present application was performed for design basis accidents with conservative assumptions to compare the containment temperature and pressure with design criteria. The peak containment pressure and temperature were evaluated using the most intensive release of the primary and secondary coolant into the hermetic compartments, in particular, for the large break loss of coolant accident and main steam line break. Conservative coolant release data were evaluated using the RELAP5/Mod3.2 SAR model. The selection of the accident scenario, initial and boundary conditions, and the major results are presented. The results of the analyses will be included in the design basis accident analysis chapter of the RNPP SAR.

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