Reaction calorimetry is one of the most important steps in designing chemical reactors. This contribution describes a continuously operated micro calorimeter using Seebeck elements for microreactors made of PVDF-foils. Seebeck elements allow for local and temporal resolution of heat flux profiles. Various calibration methods for the Seebeck effect based heat flux sensors are presented. Here, the direct correlation between measured thermoelectric voltage and heat flux is found to be the most promising one. Commissioning of the calorimeter and validation of its performance are done by means of heat transfer measurement of warm water and an acid base reaction. Obtained reaction enthalpy values of the neutralization reaction of acetic acid and sodium hydroxide agree very well with literature data. The progression of the reaction can be followed optically using phenolphthalein as color indicator and can be compared to measured data. Heat profiles over the course of the microreactor were shown and checked for consistency. Consequently, this approach helps to characterize reactors and aids reactor development.

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