Nucleate boiling is one of the most efficient methods to dissipate heat. However, the complex physics of heat transfer near the contact line is not well understood. Due to the difficulty in measuring and analyzing heat transfer around a bubble at high heat fluxes, novel approaches must be taken. This paper focuses on the design of an experimental setup used to simulate heat transfer at the contact line by studying an oscillating meniscus on a heated surface. A preliminary design of the experimental test setup is described in this paper. The experimental test setup will be composed of a liquid injection system with a needle, an oscillator, a heated surface, and a sensor to measure the meniscus volume. A feedback loop will be used to control the liquid injection system and prevent dry out or flooding during evaporation. Furthermore, a conic speaker will be used to induce oscillations at a range of 10–200 Hz. These oscillations simulate liquid displacement during bubble nucleation, growth, and bubble departure. Finally, a sensor that measures the volume of the liquid will be connected to the heated plate and the needle in order to measure the volume of the meniscus while oscillating. A fundamental understanding of the heat transfer in the contact line region is expected.

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