Flow boiling has the ability to remove high heat fluxes while maintaining a low wall superheat. Various researchers have developed enhanced microchannel geometries to improve the heat transfer performance of the system. Recently, a number of new studies have used the increasing flow cross-sectional area concept to overcome flow instabilities and record high CHF. In this work, a new geometry is experimentally investigated utilizing a radial cross-section, which provides the increasing fluid flow cross-sectional area in the flow direction. The flow boiling performance is studied using radial microchannels and water as the working fluid. Four different flow rates ranging from 120–400 mL/min are studied for this new geometry. Heat transfer performance (boiling curve and heat transfer coefficient) and pressure drop characteristics are discussed for all flow rates. Furthermore, the work is supported by high speed visualization of the bubble dynamics. The boiling performance obtained is compared to the existing data in the literature.

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