The field of microfluidics is fast developing with advances in MEMS, biotechnology and μ-TAS technologies. In various devices, controlling the flow rate of liquid or gas accurately at micro or nanoliter volume levels is required. By using a magnet the flow of a liquid slug containing magnetized particles or gas in a microtube can be controlled by the driving power exerted on the magnetized particles. Also magnetic particles and alginate microbeads can be applied to a study of transfer technologies in a bioreactor and DDS (Drug Delivery System). In this field, controlling the motions of magnetic particles and microbeads is required. In the present study, an unsteady flow of a liquid slug containing magnetic particles under the driving force exerted by a permanent magnet ring has been investigated in a microtube. The motion and behavior of the microbeads were observed. In addition, we examined the motion and stopping position, and analyzed the velocity of microbeads experimentally and theoretically.

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