The effects of vertical mechanical vibration on the heat characteristics of liquid film in vertical rectangular microgrooves are observed. The vibration frequencies are 6Hz, 10Hz and 30Hz, respectively; the vibration amplitudes are in the range of 1.95∼3.23mm. Three sizes of rectangular microgrooved plate are used in experiments. The microgrooved plate is vertically mounted on a vibration plane; DC heat load is added on the back wall of the microgrooved plate. Vibration of the liquid film in the microgroove is observed by a high-speed digital camera, and temperature on the back of the plate is recorded by a data acquisition. The experimental results show that temperature on the plate back decreases obviously with the increase of the vibration frequency or amplitude, heat transfer of the microgrooved plate is intensively enhanced. The main reason is that the forced convections on the groove surface and in the liquid film, caused by the mechanical vibration, enhance the heat transfer. The investigation provides more information for the application of the micro-configuration heat sink under fierce vibration conditions.

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