Boiling heat transfer enhancement via compound effect of Electro-Hydro-Dynamic (EHD) and contact angle has been experimentally and analytically investigated. A fluorinated dielectric liquid (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd, AE-3000) was selected as the working fluid. Pool boiling heat transfer in the saturated liquid was measured at atmospheric pressure. In order to change the contact angle between the boiling surface and the dielectric liquid, the different materials Cu, Cr, NiB, Sn, and mixture of 5 and 1.5 micro meter diamond particles were electrically deposited on a boiling surface. The critical heat flux (CHF) for different contact angles showed 20.5 ∼ 26.9 W/cm2 which was −7 ∼ 25 % of that for a non-coated Cu surface (21.5 W/cm2). Upon application of a −5 kV/mm electric field to the micro structured surface (the mixture of 5 and 1.5 micro meter particles), a CHF of 99 W/cm2 at a superheat of 33.5 K was obtained. The previous theoretical equation of pool boiling predicted the CHF with the electric field and without the electrode.

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