New technological advancements in electronic circuits and computer engineering have increased the need for better cooling systems; liquid cooling of electronic components seems to offer a solution for this problem. An important part of such solution is to design a compact cooling channel system that offers a uniform temperature distribution over the part to be cooled. This work investigates the application of constructal theory for the design of a compact double sided cooling pad for such applications. Fluid enters the two networks, on the top and bottom of the pad, via a single inlet inside a separating layer between them. The heated fluid then collected at the periphery of the channel network. An exit port is then attached to a collection well for the exit flow. Numerical method is used to redesign flow passage dimensions inside the heat sink and optimize fluid outlet layout to ensure uniform heat removal and temperature distribution in the pad. A sample model of the actual device is built; using advanced 3D printing technology, for flow study. Flow pattern, temperature distribution, and the resulted pressure drop for the designed heat sink are presented for different flow rates.

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