The new correlation for two-phase pressure drop for mini channel is developed by performing experiment on adiabatic two-phase pressure drop in mini channel with 3.1 mm diameter. Air-water mixture is used as the working substance. 180°-90°-90° (straight flow) test sections made of transparent glass tubes of 3.1 mm diameter with lengths of 900 mm. The superficial velocity varies from 0.2238 m/s to 1.1876 m/s for liquid (UL) and air (UG). Two phase flow pressure drop experiment is divided into two parts. First single phase pressure drop for air and water is experimented. The diameter is verified by measuring pressure drop of the air. Single phase pressure drop for air and water is experimented first which is followed by two phase pressure drop in the same mini channel. The existing correlations for macro and mini-channels are compared with the experimental data. Using Matlab & Minitab; a new correlation has been developed to predict two-phase pressure drop in horizontal mini channels.

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