This paper reviews the current status of researches on a micro-gas-jet from a straight micro-tube. A series of experimental and numerical studies on a micro-gas-jet from a straight micro-tube have been conducted by our research group to reveal fluid flow characteristics of under-expanded gas flow at a micro-tube outlet. In this paper, the findings obtained by our recent studies will be introduced. This is, the numerically obtained Mach number at the outlet plane of a micro-tube, the displacement thickness of the boundary layer formed on the tube wall near the outlet are presented. The configuration of a micro-gas-jet and structure of the flow in the potential core are presented. And the Mach number of a micro-gas-jet obtained from the shockwave angle generated from a needle tip inserted in the micro-jet and the measured Pitot total pressure of a micro-gas-jet are also presented. Comparisons with numerical results are also presented.

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