This study develops a numerical simulation of liquid-vapor two phase flows accompanied with the phase change. In the developed simulation, the VOF (Volume of Fluid) method is adopted for tracking the liquid-vapor interface and the temperature recovery method for estimating mass transfer due to the phase change. Firstly, the numerical simulation is performed for film-boiling and film-condensation problems for validating the evaporation (boiling) and condensation calculation. The numerical result for the film-boiling problem is in good agreement with the Berenson’s semi-empirical correlation in terms of the heat transfer coefficient. Moreover, the numerical results for the film-condensation problem are also in good agreement with the theoretical analysis by Nusselt in terms of the film growth rate and the heat transfer coefficient. These have confirmed the reliability of the developed simulation. Then, the developed simulation is applied to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of the heat transport device with a pump-driven looped minichannel. The result reveals a new interesting feature of the minichannel heat device.

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