In order to investigate the effect of the size differences between suspended particles on the segregation behavior in channel flow of multicomponent suspensions, we conduct a two-dimensional numerical simulation for suspensions of fluid droplets of two different sizes subjected to a plane Poiseuille flow. The large and small droplets are assumed to have equal surface tensions and equal internal viscosities. The temporal evolutions of the lateral positions of the large and small droplets relative to the channel centerline are computed for various size ratios and area ratios of the large and small droplets. It is found that the small droplets tend to migrate toward the channel walls with increasing fraction of the large droplets and that the mean lateral positions of the large droplets are always closer to the channel centerline compared to the mean lateral positions of the small droplets, which represent the margination of the small droplets and the segregation of the droplets caused by the size difference. These trends are enhanced as the size ratio of large and small droplets is increased.

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