Aggregate stability of “carbon nanotube-polymer matrix” depends on the specific features of Surface tube and surrounding polymer interaction, i.e. The behavior of nanocarbon particles assembly in each particular system. This work is provided with the conditions of used carbon nanomaterial treatment for the improvement of its aggregate stability when introducing into phenolic matrix.

Multiwall carbon carbon nanotubes and nanofibers possess unique properties which allow to constantly widen the spheres of their practical application. Recently there have appeared a lot of works dedicated to the creation of composite materials with the improved properties via CNM introduction into various polymers [1, 2].

However until the present time it was impossible to fulfill the possibilities of the application of carbon materials as modified additives completely. As carbon nanotubes and nanofibers are very small and possess high surface energy they easily form agglomerates with tens of microns sizes which reduce the efficiency of additive and matrix interaction.

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