This paper describes thermal and electrical properties of power Si MOSFET. The problem of hot spot in sub-micron scale Si MOSFET has been widely known. Recently, power Si MOSFET is key device in a lot of area, for example car electronics. In power Si MOSFET, high voltage is applied and high current is generated. Therefore, heat generation becomes higher and thermal management is important. In this paper, thermal and electrical properties of power Si MOSFET is evaluated with Electro-Thermal Analysis and fundamental heat generation phenomenon of power Si MOSFET is discussed. Under high electric field, electron thermal energy becomes much higher than thermal energy of crystal lattice. Therefore, in this paper, non-equiriblium energy state between electron and lattice is considered. Calculated results showed that hotspot appears in power Si MOSFET. Further, drain voltage dependence of hotspot temperature and temperature dependence of drain current are discussed.

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