This paper describes experimental results on total temperature measurement to obtain heat transfer characteristics of turbulent gas flow in a microtube with constant wall temperature. The experiments were performed for nitrogen gas flow through a microtube of 354 μm in diameter with 100 mm in length. The wall temperature was maintained at 310 K, 330 K, and 350 K by circulating water around the microtube, respectively. The stagnation pressure was chosen in such a way that the exit Mach number ranges from 0.1 to 1.0. In order to obtain heat transfer rate of turbulent gas flow through a micro-tube, the total temperatures of gas flowing out of a microtube exit were measured with the set of total temperature measurement attached to micro stage with position fine adjustment. The numerical computations based on the Arbitrary - Langrangian - Eulerian (ALE) method were also performed for the turbulent gas flow with the same conditions of the experiments. The results were in excellent agreement.

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