In this study, a cross-sectional capacitance is measured in a microchannel with 12 multi-layered electrodes. The cross-sectional capacitance of polystyrene particles and deionized water is measured at upstream and downstream microchannel. Based on the measured cross-sectional capacitance, the particle volume fraction is calculated at three area measurements with different electrode pair. The three area measurements are at the adjacent pair, horizontal pair and vertical pair. The particle volume fraction at the adjacent pair area is almost same and higher at upstream and downstream cross-section. While at the vertical and horizontal pair areas, the particle volume fraction increased from upstream to downstream cross-section around 1.0–9.3% at electrode pair near the walls whilst decreased 0.4–0.96% at electrode pair near the center streamlines. It shows the particles are more attracted to migrate to the equilibrium position at near to the walls. The particles migration induced by inertial lift forces is reflected to Serge-Silberberg phenomenon where the particles are distributed and transverse from the center streamlines of fluid flowing to the area near the walls.

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