3D simulations on confined bubbles in micro-channels with diameter of 1.24 mm were conducted. The working fluid is R134a with a mass flux range from 125kg/m2s to 375kg/m2s. The VOF model is chosen to capture the 2 phase interface while the geo-construction method was used to re-construct the 2-phase interface. A heated boundary wall with heat flux varying from 15kW/m2 to 102kW/m2 is supplied. The wall temperature was calculated. The effects of mass flux and heat flux are studied. The shape of the bubble was predicted by the simulation successfully and the results show that they are independent of the initial shape. Both thin film evaporation and micro convection enhance the heat transfer. However, the micro convection which is caused by bubble motion has greater contribution to the total heat transfer at the stage of bubble growth studied.

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