The experimental investigation is performed to study two-phase flow pattern, void fraction and pressure drop characteristics in a vertical micro-channel. The test section is a fused silica tube with a diameter of 0.53 mm and a length of 320 mm. Air and water are used as working fluid which is introduced to the test section in vertical upward direction. The test runs are done at superficial velocities of gas and liquid ranging respectively from 0.375 to 21.187 m/s and 0.004 to 2.436 m/s. Stereozoom microscope mounted together with camera are employed to conduct flow visualization from which slug flow, throat-annular flow, churn flow, annular flow and annular-rivulet flow are observed. Based on image analysis, void fraction data are obtained and found to be linear relationship with volumetric quality. The frictional pressure drop is relatively high when the formation of churn flow is established. Besides, the two-phase frictional multiplier is found to be strongly dependent on both mass flux and flow pattern.

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