The miniaturised online sensors that were developed in the laboratories were for atmospheric pressure and steady state flow, but in the water distribution network neither the pressure nor the flow is steady. Many of the state of the art drinking water quality monitoring sensors can be operated well below the drinking Water Distribution System (WDS) pressure. Moreover, each of the sensors requires different flow rates. This paper discusses simulation and design of an affordable constant flow and constant outlet pressure system and shows an easy way to provide different flow rates for different sensors. The other criterion which should be met is the flow rate of the water bled (leakage) from WDS which must also be low. To meet the above criteria a 2-D model was developed to represent the constant pressure constant flow system for online water quality monitoring (WQM) sensors. Different configuration of the system is considered and the optimum design includes 1.044 m/s flow velocity which is low enough for the flow to be steady.

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