Implementing short microchannels into a micro cooler device has been reported [1] as a way to obtain higher heat transfer rates compared to longer microchannel systems. In this publication simulation results obtained using Fluent software for two micro structure designs with symmetric passages containing two short microchannels are described. The first design shows a channel depth of 100 μm, the other one provides a channel depth of 50 μm. The purpose of this study is to define an optimized parameter set that will allow to optimize the heat distribution inside of microchannel devices. Polymer and copper has been selected as the test materials. As test fluid liquid water has been used. The results obtained with the simulations showed that the reduction of the depth of short microchannels while keeping the other dimensions constant increases the heat transfer performance. This is observed especially for a polymer device. The study of the influence of different materials such as polymer, copper, aluminum and steel has proven that the selection of highly conductive device material such as aluminum can enhance the heat transfer performance.

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