Magnetic nanoparticle suspensions and their manipulation are becoming an alternative research line and have very important applications in the field of microfluidics such as microscale flow control in microfluidic circuits, actuation of fluids in microscale, and drug delivery mechanisms. In microscale, it is possible and beneficial to use magnetic fields as actuators of such nanofluids, where these fluids could move along a gradient of magnetic field so that a micropump without any moving parts could be generated with this technique. Thus, magnetically actuated nanofluids could have the potential to be used as an alternative micro pumping system. Actuation of ferrofluid plugs with a changing magnetic field has been extensively studied in the literature. However; the flow properties of ferrofluids are sparsely investigated when the ferrofluid itself is forced to continuously flow inside a channel. As an extension of previous studies, this study aims to investigate flows of magnetic nanoparticle based nanofluids by a generated magnetic field and to compare the efficiency of the resulting system. Lauric Acid coated Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO-LA) was used as the ferrofluid sample in the experiments to realise actuation. Significant flow rates up to 61.8μL/s at nominal maximum magnetic field strengths of 300mT were achieved in the experiments. Results suggest that nanofluids with magnetic nanoparticles merit more research efforts in micro pumping. Thus, magnetic actuation could be a significant alternative for more common techniques such as electromechanical, electrokinetic, and piezoelectric actuation.

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