Xurography is an inexpensive rapid prototyping technology for the development of microfluidic systems. Imprecision in the xurographic tape cutting process can result in undesired changes in channel dimensions near features that require a change in cutting direction, such as 90° miter bends. An experimental study of water flow in rectangular xurographic microchannels incorporating 90° miter bends with different channel widths in each leg is reported. A set of twelve microchannels, with channel depth approximately 105 micrometers and aspect ratio ranging from 0.071 to 0.435, were fabricated from double-sided adhesive Kapton® polyimide tape and two rectangular glass plates. The channels were reinforced with a mechanical clamping system, enabling high Reynolds number, Re, flows (up to Re = 3200) where Re was based upon hydraulic diameter and average velocity. Reported data include friction factor and critical Reynolds number for straight microchannels and loss coefficients for flow through 90° miter bends that contain either a contraction or expansion with cross-sectional area ratios of 0.5, 0.333 and 0.2. The critical Reynolds number, Recr, ranged from 1750 to 2300 and was found to be dependent on channel defects such as sidewall roughness, adhesive droplets, and corner imperfections. Loss coefficients through 90° miter bends with expansion decrease rapidly for Re < Recr. At the transition, the loss coefficient suddenly drops and approaches an asymptotic value for Re > Recr. For 90° miter bends with contractions, loss coefficients gradually decrease with increasing Re for 150 < Re < 1400. In addition, the loss coefficient decreases with decreasing area ratio through the contraction or expansion. The minor loss coefficient data were found to be dependent on Reynolds numbers and area ratio of contraction/expansion at the bend. The results suggest that the effect of the contraction/expansion was the dominant mechanism for minor losses in the 90° miter bend.

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