In the field of synthetic biology, enzymatic pathways are used to enhance the efficiency of chemical production processes. These pathways consist of micro reactors that are filled with porous media and enzymes that catalyze the partial reactions. In the present study we summarize the requirements of the micro reactors used for these applications and give an overview of the different problems that have to be solved. Furthermore we present the idea of a generic demonstrator as a research tool. In the interdisciplinary field of synthetic biology it can enhance the interaction between different groups. It will serve as a common base for numerically as well as for experimentally working groups. We propose a definition of a generic demonstrator for a micro fluidic reactor as it is typically used in this field. Besides, present work of our group is presented, that analyzes the flow field in the micro channels of the reaction zone that is filled with porous media. We show how computational costs can be saved by studying the entry lengths of these channels.

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