The meniscus receding process was studied for the axial steady flow in open rectangular microgrooves based on experimental results. Experimental results show that the liquid film recedes remarkably as a cubic trendline from the accommodation stage to the bottom corner-flow stage, but the dead zone and the step change don’t exist. The receding process of the liquid film between the accommodation stage and the bottom corner-flow stage is named jump-like transition in the paper. Characteristics of the axial flow in rectangular microgrooves were theoretically analyzed considering the meniscus receding performance in the jump-like transition, calculation results show that radius of the meniscus curvature decreases along the groove axis, which provides drive for the axial flow; the liquid cross sectional area and the liquid height decrease evidently at the stage of the jump-like transition; the liquid velocity increases along the axis, and increases promptly at the transition stage and the corner flow stage.

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