In this study, we simulate rarefied gas flow through a confined nano-impinging jet using direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. The effects of geometrical parameters, pressure ratio, and wall conditions on the heat transfer from a hot surface are examined. Hot surface modeled via diffusive constant wall temperature. Various inlet/confining surface conditions such as specular, adiabatic, and constant temperature are implemented and the effects of them on the wall heat flux rates are studied. The results show that Knudsen number, velocity slip, and temperature jump are main reasons which specify magnitudes of wall heat flux rates. Among all geometrical parameters, H/W ratio has the greatest effect on heat transfer, where H is jet distance from the hot surface and W is the jet width. For different values of pressure ratio, the biggest quantity of wall heat flux rate relates to the lowest velocity slip case. Also for inlet/confining walls with constant temperature condition equal to coolant flow temperature, heat transfer from the hot surface was the maximum.

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