Since the capillary electrophoresis was proposed to be run in the chip format, tremendous studies have been performed by covering many different aspects of this technology. One key element is the sample plug generated between the injection and separation process, because it will play a governing role on the final separation performance, i.e., the separation efficiency depends on the initial sample plug and its further dispersion development. In literature, some work has been done previously to generate various sample plugs, or optimize them by means of either channel design or operational control. However, little work has been reported to characterize the sample plug with evaluating parameters. Usually, the well-defined and reproducible sample plug is anticipated for high quality separation. By experience, thin-rectangular sample plugs are normally assumed, but not technically proved yet, to have superior performance in electrophoretic separation. Quantitative study is necessary to be performed to demonstrate the relevant qualitative estimation or analysis. All above stated are the motivation of current work.

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