Two methods for solving coupled particle dynamics and flow field equations simultaneously by considering fluid-particle interactions to simulate two-phase flow are presented and compared. In many conditions, such as magnetic micro mixers and shooting high velocity particles in fluid, the fluid-particle interactions can not be neglected. In these cases it is necessary to consider fluid-particle interactions and solve the related coupled equations simultaneously. To solve these equations, suitable algorithms should be used to improve convergence speed and solution accuracy. In this paper two algorithms for solving coupled incompressible Navier-Stokes and particle dynamics equations are proposed and their efficiencies are compared by using them in a computer program. The main criterion that is used for comparison is the time they need to converge for a specific accuracy. In the first algorithm the particle dynamics and flow field equations are solved simultaneously but separately. In the second algorithm in each iteration for solving flow field equations, the particle dynamics equation is also solved. Results for some test cases are presented and compared. According to the results the second algorithm is faster than the first one especially when there is a strong coupling between phases.

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