At two-phase flow in microchannels, slug flow regime is different for wettability of surface. A slug in a hydrophilic microchannel has liquid film. However, a slug in a hydrophobic microchannel has no liquid film instead, the slug has triple-lines and makes higher pressure drop due to the motion of the triple-line. In previous researches, pressure drop of triple-line is depended of dynamic contact angle, channel diameter and fluid property. And, dynamic contact angle is depended of static contact angle, superficial velocity and fluid property. In order to understand the pressure drop of motion of triple-lines, pressure drop of slug with triple-lines in case of various diameters (0.546, 0.763, 1.018, 1.555, 2.075 mm), various fluids (D.I.water, D.I.water-1, 5, 10% ethanol mixture) and various superficial velocity (j = 0.01∼0.4 m/s) was measured. Dynamic contact angle was calculated from relation of the pressure drop of slug with triple-lines. Comparing with previous dynamic contact angle correlations, previous correlation underestimated dynamic contact angle in the region of this study. (10−4Ca≤10−3, 10−2We≤10−1, 68°≤θS≤110°)

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