Molecular dynamics study has been performed to investigate the effect of extreme dynamic loading condition on thin Nickel films. Due to the novel aspects of thin films, it has attracted attention over the years for Nano-electro-mechanical systems design. This would be helpful for the analysis of ultra short pulse laser induced fabrication or machining of thin films. Uniaxial high tensile strain namely 109 and 1010 s−1 has been used on a Nickel thin film. The Embedded-atom method (EAM) potential function for Nickel has been used for the interaction of the atoms. We have observed ductile failure mechanism on both the cases. With the increase of strain rate, not only high strength has been found but also the elastic modulus has been affected less. Random non spherical void growth and their coalescence have been also observed during higher loading condition which leads to a ductile failure mechanism.

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