Based on the hydraulic characteristics of triangle circulation, sudden-expansion pipe and sudden contraction pipe, Construct a drip irrigation emitter with strong turbulent flow, large over-current cross-section and strong anti-clogging ability. Triangular circulation flow path emitters for the key structural parameters for the factors, application of computer numerical fluid dynamics CFD software FLUENT6.3, simulate triangular circulation flow channel structure, analyze the influence of various structural parameters on hydraulic performance of emitters, flow index, flow rate and the anti-clogging ability. The results show that increase unit cusp, unit chamfer, the flow index increased, but the effect to varying degrees; inlet dimension increase, flow index reduced; flow channel depth and flow channel width increases, the discharge increases. Increase unit cusp, unit chamfered, can improve the anti-clogging performance of emitters. Based on the above results, to design an emitter structure with good performance, and its numerical simulation analysis, the flow index, flow rate and anti-clogging ability have met the requirements of drip irrigation. Provide a theoretical basis for the triangle circulation emitter structure design and quantitative analysis. The research has a positive meaning for energy conservation.

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